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Please use the information below to help with setup and issues with HC-3. Please only contact support when you have checked the FAQ section, manual and any setup videos for guidance.

Product Manual

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Product FAQ

On PS4

I cannot get my microphone to work/The microphone is greyed out in the PS4’s settings?
1. Turn off your PS4 and remove the power cable from the electrical socket
2. Wait at least 15 seconds before plugging in and switching on
3. Connect your controller wirelessly and sign in
4.Connect the USB connector attached to the headset into an available port on the PS4
5. Go to Settings>Devices> Audio Devices and set the output to ‘All Audio’
6. Speak into the microphone to test it and adjust the sensitivity
7. You can also adjust the headset by pressing the PS button on your controller and select ‘Adjust Audio Device’

The game sound volume control does not work/Only the chat volume control works on my headset but I have connected the RCA cables to my TV
1. This is a feature of the USB connection. You can adjust the game sound/chat sound mix within the PS4 settings
2. This set up will only work if your TV has Audio OUT. Most TVs do not have this. If your TV has Audio OUT, you will see two banks of RED/WHITE RCA sockets one marked Audio IN and the other Audio OUT. Make sure that you set the PS4’s audio device settings to ‘Chat Only’

How can I get the game/chat sound separated if my TV does not have audio out?
1. You will need a RCA to 3.5mm audio adaptor which may be connected to the headset’s RCA cables and plugged into the TV’s headphone socket. You will need to set the Audio output in the PS4’s settings to ‘Chat Only’
2. If your TV does not have a headphone socket you will need other equipment, please contact Gioteck Customer Support for further advice: http://www.gioteck.com/contact-support/


The game sound volume control does not work/Only the chat volume control works on my headset
This is a feature of the USB connection

On Xbox One

The microphone is not working/too quiet
1. Ensure that the chat cable supplied is inserted the correct way round.
2. The jack with the 3 black rings should be connected to the headset and the jack at the other end which has 2 black rings should be connected to the Microsoft’s stereo headset adaptor (using the Microsoft’s 2.5 mm to 3.5mm adaptor cable supplied as necessary) 3. Follow the instructions that came with the Microsoft’s Stereo Headset Adaptor to balance the microphone and game sound.

On All formats

My headset makes a buzzing noise
Contact Support: http://www.gioteck.com/contact-support

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