Please use the information below to help with setup and issues with EX-05s. Please only contact support when you have checked the FAQ section, manual and any setup videos for guidance.

Product Manual

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Product FAQ


The game sound volume control does not work/Only the chat volume control works on my headset
This is a feature of the USB connection

On PS4

How do I get my EX-05s wired headset working on the PS4?
You may need a compatibility kit, please contact Support: contact support

On All formats

My headset keeps switching off
1. Make sure that your headset has sufficient charge
2. The headset has a power saving feature which means that it will automatically switch off if it detects no sound. Press the Power on button to reconnect the headset. On the EX-05 turn the wireless control box off then o.
3. The headset is too far away from the wireless dongle to remain connected- move closer (recommended distance 6 metres)
4. There is interference from another wireless device which causes the dongle to lose connection with the headset. Allow the dongle to hang down from the desk/table or use a USB extension cable. Check that there are no other wireless devices in the vicinity which may be causing the problem by turning them off one by one. If it is your router try changing the channel on which it is broadcasting by 5 or more channels up or down from the one it is currently broadcasting on. If you need help doing this contact support: http://www.gioteck.com/contact-support/ Or your Internet Service Provider.

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